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sophialmt is located in Cambidge, Boston, Massachusetts
september calmtainment booking

welcome to aumhaus, a safe space to spark higher states of awareness and consciousness while rebalancing physical, mental, and emotional health.





standard classic massage using continuous modalities.


releases chronic tension by being attentive to the deeper layer of muscles.


therapeutic bodywork to help aid in prevention or recovery from workouts and injuries.


a healing system that stimulates energy lines while being assisted in yoga postures.


using mallet and wedge, the vibrational rythmic tapping stimulates sen lines to open blocked energy. relieving stress and tension, the resonance stimulates the nervous system to maintain homeostasis.


provides mini-massage sessions for clients who are looking for a quick moment of rest and rejuvenation. clients are fully clothed while seated face forward, leaning against a cushion with the face in a cradle.


sound + vibration

sound + vibration

public group
with mudra, mantra and yantra

the type of meditation that seeks to clear blocked chakras and harness the power of one's energy centers located throughout their body. with vibrational chakra balancing meditation, one is actively participating with their whole body, exploring its layers on a restorative level, and witnessing the effects of their thoughts and feelings. the intention is ultimately ensuring one's chakras are balanced, allowing one's energy to flow freely thoughout their body, and invite a strong connection between one's mind and body.

public group
with vibration

using the whole body to listen and feel, this sound bath is a guided meditation using theta bowls to help participants fall into a deep meditative state. the goal is to stimulate our theta brainwaves to help create a state of harmony, calm our nervous system, and restore our body and mental clarity. be bathed in waves of sound, vibration, frequency and tone for a full body experience. 

private individual

cleanse, energize, and stabilize

each himalayan bowl is specifically tuned to a chakra frequency for optimal balancing. when played, particular sound frequencies are projected into the affected area. this allows restoration of ones harmonic patterns.

private individual

the communication between our billions of neurons make up our brainwaves. entraining the brain is a method to naturally stimulate the brain into stable frequency. sound and vibration encourages the down shift in our brainwaves from our usual beta state to alpha state to even theta or delta state.

beta state - normal waking consciousness  

alpha state - relaxed consciousness 

theta state - meditative state  

delta state - deep sleep where internal healing can occur

private individual

throughout the entirety of this vibrational sound therapy session, one has direct contact with therapy bowls. physically feel deeper vibration as warm water is placed into the bowls. the warmth and vibration harmonize all through the body leading to a more relaxed emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

private individual

feel the dynamic duo reiki with sound + vibration. invite reiki energy to the body's stagnant areas. this makes way for the guided life force energy to help facilitate the client's own healing.



coming soon




in studio:

60 minutes $175
90 minutes $235

120 minutes $295

150 minutes $355

on-sight chair:
1 hour $125 + parking

minimum 2 hours


in studio:

60 minutes $265

public group:

rate varies per event

on-site chair massage is no more than 10 miles from the studio and must have guaranteed parking in the closest parking lot. parking must be guaranteed either in the driveway of the home, on the street in front of the home, or in the parking garage in the same building as the home. on-site chair massage session must be paid full prior to service.

all in-office sessions must be paid in full at the time of service. gratuities are never expected but always appreciated.

gift certificates available

soul nourishment

1:1 soul nourishment

emotional release may emerge in a form of dialogue. create alignment from moving energy within. peel back the layers to uncover self reflection and revealing the true self.


60 minutes • $165

aura cleansing and energy balancing

everything is busy. busy therefore balance. busy therefore one is constantly full. choose to soften the self and make space within. radiate true self with neutral interchange to help cleanse aura and balance the energy within.


open to receive emotional support and guidance from compassion while choosing to process, accept and let go. this verbal exchange allows open view points and reflection. this experience helps client move forward from stagnation or over processed mindset without judgement.

sparking metta within

body, mind, soul connection – accept and understand the self. choose to love the self. process and break through current challenges. take steps to be able to look in the mirror and accept you

spacetaining listener

open your heart and purge no longer what serves you. this session is your space holder, allowing you to ground your mindset. expressive venting is speech with passion. be in a safe space to articulate freely without being judged as being aggressive or complaining. you are welcomed and acklowledged for just being you.



public group


10am 60 minutes
september 3 + 24

8 available spaces

​welcome you and yourself, you and them, you alone yet all together, to a guided meditation of softening, accepting, and loving the self.
this is a no level session. the only level is your current state. regardless of experience, this space allows accepting you where you are.
you choose the pace of your practice.

public group

with vibration

7pm 60 minutes
s september 14 + 28
5 available spaces

using the whole body to listen and feel, this sound bath is a guided meditation using theta bowls to help participants fall into a deep meditative state. the goal is to stimulate our theta brainwaves to help create a state of harmony, calm our nervous system, and restore our body and mental clarity. be bathed in waves of sound, vibration, frequency and tone for a full body experience. 


public group

with mudra, mantra and yantra

with acupuncture


10am  75 minutes
september 17

6 available spaces

this is a very special event. the original practice is without acupuncture. we continue the practice of moving the qi along our meridians by opening up our conception and governing vessel. those who have experience with acupuncture and those who are open to receiving will have a more grounding experience. those who are not open to acupuncture, advise not to attend and seek your first treatment under a more private setting. a maximum of 10 chosen points will be placed onto the body according to our chakras and microcosmic orbit, raising the heat as our kundalini energy is well active.

all attending must read:
acupuncture precautions and contraindications >




all clients

all clients are required to fill out a health intake form, consent to care and liability waiver prior to receiving treatment. all clients must notify therapist of any new health changes and personal client information in health intake form.

dress code,

table massage

client dresses down to own personal comfort level. draping will be used all times during appointment. client does not start undressing before therapist leaves room. client must get UNDER the sheet before therapist re-enters room. oils and creams are used during session. oils and creams may stain clothes.

thai massage
clients wears comfortable relaxing athleisure wear. thai massage is preformed fully clothed. client is laying on mat. oils and creams maybe used during session. oils and creams may stain clothes.

sound + vibration
client wears comfortable clothes.  preferably no metal belts, metal zippers, and no metal buttons. bring another layer or blanket to stay warm as the body temperature can drop. please take off any jewelry.


a 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment without charge. for appointments canceled or rescheduled less than a 48 hours notice, a full session payment is due before your next appointment, charged to the credit card on file, or billed by e/mail. to avoid paying full fee, sending a friend in your place is an option. there are no refunds to service.

if i need to cancel your session, i will provide a 48 hours notice. if i am not able to provide a notice within 48 hours, i will provide a 50% discount for your next session.

late arrival

please arrive early! allow this time to fill out any forms, use of restroom, or just to unwind. for late arrival, i do my best to accommodate the fullest service in the remainder of time.

group session
late arrivals

please be respectful of others and arrive early. session starts on time. at this time, late comers can not enter the session.


if you feel you maybe getting sick or have an active cold, flu, cough, sore throat, stomach virus, skin condition, anything contagious and or infectious, please promptly reschedule your appointment. there are times where massage is contraindicated and can intensify and prolong your illness. to avoid charge, please notify with same cancellation/rescheduling policy.


my goal is always to provide the best service helping you succeed in your wellness goals. all services are strictly professional and non-sexual. any overt and suggestive statements, actions, and solicitation of prostitution will be cause for session to end immediately, full payment is due and authorities will be called. i have the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason.

get in touch

get in touch




five doors health + wellness
763 massachusetts ave.
cambridge,  ma 02139


metered street parking
metered parking lot
green street parking garage
central square parking lot


central square station red line

quick ride from boston
2 stops from charles/mgh
red line
3 stops from park st red line/green line
4 stops from downtown crossing red line/orange line
5 stops from south station red line

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